Materials Recovery Facility or MRF Services

Green Waste of Tehama recovers a variety of recyclable materials such as cardboard, office paper, plastics, oil, glass, and a variety of metals for reuse. We own and operate Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs) that are designed to sort recyclable materials and prepare them for reuse.

Acceptable and unacceptable items vary by location.  Please contact your local office for details.
MRF Materials Process

Processing Materials at a MRF

Recyclable materials are sorted, cleaned and bundled into bales or on pallets for reuse at a Green Waste of Tehama Materials Recovery Facility. The recyclables are then transported to manufacturers where they are used to produce new products. Quality control measures are in place at these manufactures to ensure industry safety standards are met thus maximizing recycling effectiveness while minimizing environmental impact.

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    What Can I Recycle?

    Disposal/Recycle Guide

    Recycling waste reduces reliance on landfills. When your business recycles and you recycle at home, you’re saving the energy needed and reducing the environmental impact to reproduce these same materials.

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    • Beverage bottles
    • Jugs
    • Jars
    • Food containers
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    • Newspaper
    • Magazines
    • Books
    • Office paper
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    • Most bottles
    • Jugs
    • Jars
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    • Aluminum cans
    • Steel cans
    • Aluminum bottles
    • Steel bottles
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