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Recycling Services

Ready to get started with a recycling program? Here are some tips to get you started:

What is great about our recycling program is that all recyclable items go in the same container, whether you have a commercial dumpster at your business or a recycling cart at home, if it is a recyclable item they stay together.

Keep it simple, don’t over think it! Start by recycling the easy stuff cardboard, paper, and junk mail.

Now that you have that mastered, ready to step it up a bit?

Let’s recycle beverage containers, just make sure to give it a quick rinse. Any glass jars, wine bottles, liquor bottles please remove the lids, cork, etc.

Additional items that can be recycled include Metal, Plastic bottles and tubs (no Styrofoam or food contaminated products)

Click here for our Recycling flyer or Check out our Waste Wizard to look up an item and find how to best recycle or dispose of it!

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